Carbon pricing systems are being steadily expanded around the world to set economic incentives for achieving climate targets. Together with carbon border adjustments, a patchwork of varing CO2 prices is emerging with relevance for global supply chains.

Countries with carbon pricing by sector

Here you will find an overview of the countries that have already implemented or are planning CO2 taxes or emissions trading systems (ETS) - according to the relevant sectors for reducing greenhouse gas emissions:
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  • Industry
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Buildings
  • Land
  • Implemented | National
  • Implemented | Sub-national
  • Planned | National
  • Planned | Sub-national

CO2 IQ analysis of CO2 taxes/levies and emissions trading systems based onĀ World Bank and ICAP data as well as national and subnational regulations in implementation or planning (as of November 2023)

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