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  • Global carbon pricing in CBAM sectors

    5. June 2024
    Accounting for carbon prices is becoming increasingly important for EU companies. With the EU’s carbon border adjustment, a carbon levy…
  • No consensus on carbon markets at COP28

    20. December 2023
    COP28 in Dubai failed to advance on the implementation of market-based mechanisms to reach climate goals. Decisions on the rules…
  • Germany is raising CO2 prices

    5. December 2023
    From December, a new CO2 price component for German road traffic will come into force via the truck toll. Starting…
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    Navigating carbon pricing  

    23. November 2023
    Carbon pricing is increasingly applied to achieve emissions reductions with a growing relevance for businesses across all sectors. Over 50…
  • Carbon markets are on the rise worldwide 

    28. May 2023
    Despite the economic challenges and rising energy prices, carbon pricing systems were further expanded in 2022. With carbon taxes, emissions…